Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Chapter 1

I was home, back in the little town of New bark. Even though I had defeated Lance making me league champion I let him keep the post so that I could continue traveling. I had decided to stop in New bark for a week or two then set off for Kanto.
Me and my Pokemon were relaxing by the river when my child hood friend Lyra came up to me. I need to talk to you she said before grabbing my hand and led me into the forest. When we were far enough in she turned to me and said. Look before you go I need to have sex with you just once, I've seen your dick and I know it's massive. I need it inside me. I was taken aback but decided that I was a good idea. Lyra was very cute she wore very short dungaree shorts and a tight tee shirt that showed of her perky tits.
I told it was fine and pulled out my dick twelve inches long when hard due to me getting in the way of a sexually minded shadow ball attack.
Lyra put her lips around the head and licked the tip while at the same time wanking the shaft with both hands. She was very good at this and I would have wondered were she had learned to suck cock like this if she hadn't just taken as much as she could into her throat. This caused me to cum right in her throat making her gag and cof.
She got up and stripped off until only her hat was remaining. Then she leant against a tree waving her ass teasingly at me. My dick was still very hard so I wasted no time in thrusting my dick straight into her pussy. As I pounded she moved her hips in time with my thrusts making it even better. I leant round a squeezed her nipples. This sent her over the edge and her orgasm rocked her hard making me cum at the same time.
We fell to the floor and lay there for a while as we tried to get our energy back.

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