Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Chapter 2

As I walked into viridian city I was stopped by officer Jenny. She held out a flier and told me to report any sightings of three individuals who had been stealing Pokemon. I looked at the picture there was a man a woman and a meowth. The woman was very attractive and I thought I wouldn't mind having a go on her.
After I had rested up at the Pokemon centre I went of to explore the city. As I walked down the road I saw two people dart into a back alley. I ran after them to see it was the man and women from the flier. Go Yanmega, who swooped and grabbed the woman in its six legs. I tied her up with an escape rope making sure to get a good grope as I did. When I was done I decided I could have even more fun with her. I lifted her skirt to reveal her perfectly roundpantie less ass, pulled out my dick and slapped it against her ass before thrusting it into her ass. As I pounded her ass I stuck two fingers into her pussy making her moans louder.
When I came she yelled and sprayed juices all over my hand as her own orgasm hit her.
I carried her to the police station were officer Jenny told me that if I ever need some fun in the future she or any of the other Jenny's in Kanto would be happy to help.

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