Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Chapter 3

Hiking through Veridian forest I came across a Gargdivour being attacked by a swarm of Beedrill. I quickly sent out Charizard and used heat wave which quickly took them all down with a blast of heat wave. I walked over to Gardivour. I healed it with a full restore and soon it opens it's eyes. It looked into my eyes and then I felt something rubbing my dick. I looked down to see the Pokemon's hand in my pants. I smiled and pulled to the Pokemon's natural dress down and licked its tits. She liked that and unzipped my flies pulling out my 12 inch cock. I pulled up her dress. I thrust my dick into her tight pussy making her scream. She was very tight but very deep and I could get my whole dick in comfortably. Because of this it wasn't long before I came spaying a huge load in her pussy. I got up and pulled Gardivour into my arms as she was still to weak to walk. As I walked through the forest I came across a trainer who looked very worried, as she saw me she cried and said oh thank you you found my Gardevour. We got speedster when we got attacked by those Beedrill. She took Gardivour back to its poke ball. I got a good look at her and instantly thought wow. She was about 5foot 6 inches tall with brown her that fell in two separate flows on either side of her head, very sexy legs covered by nothing but short tight shorts. But the best thing about her was her boobs, they were huge, at least a high D cup. Im May she said so, now that we've met shall we have a battle. Ok I said three on three? Ok she answered but don't expect to win. I picked the three Pokemon I wanted to use and let her send out first. She went first with Blazaken I send out Gengar and one quickly with a hypnosis dream eater combo but she came back quickly with a crunch from a Sharpedo which my Yanmega quickly took down with a bug buzz. It was her last Pokemon that really troubled me. My Rhyperior took a huge beating from her Salamence but in the end I took it down with a well placed rock wrecker.
After the battle ended I took back Rhyperior and asked for my money. Umm she said I don't have any she said embarrassed I spent it all shopping in Viridian city. To be honest I didn't really expect to lose and that's why I challenged you.
Well I said there might be something else you can give me as a prize. I unzipped my flies and let my dick fall out. May gasped and kneeling down I front of it said the last guy I fucked didn't have a dick this big when it was hard. Just wait till you get it hard babe. May licked it and it started to grow she got her tits out and I asked how big they were 36 DD she said she put my dick in her mouth and licked it until it was hard. When it was hard and at its full 12 inches she but it between her tits and moved them up and down while at the same time sucking the head. I moaned at the pleasure that was going through my cock. I'm gonna cum I shouted, May sped up the movements and It wasn't long before I came all over her pretty face.
I was done but May wasn't and she worked very quickly to get my dick back to its full length. When I was ready she took off her shorts and panties and wrapped her pussy around my cock. Her tits were bouncing up and down and I sat up to grab one and took the other in my mouth. Then I leant forward and pushed her onto the grass fucking her harder than I had ever fucked before. I could only fit 9 inches inside her and she felt every thrust, her cries filling the forest and sending bird Pokemon flying everywhere. When I came for a second time she screamed so loudly that I was sure they could have heard it in viridian and pewter city.
After we left the forest we went to the Pokemon centre and spent the night together. The next morning we went our separate ways.

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